About Us

One-Stop Food Supply
Company in Pakistan

Innate Foods has been impeccably serving the Pakistani food industry as a wholesale food supplier in Pakistan for many years. To strengthen the sustainability of the food supply chain in Pakistan, we, as a responsible industrial food supplier company, deal with genuine quality food products wholesale throughout Pakistan. Innate Foods is an independent subsidiary of Innate Enterprises (SMC-PVT) LTD (parent company). We serve the whole purpose of maintaining the premium quality food in Pakistan. Staying in compliance with the Regulatory & Statutory Authorities, we cater to all-scale local businesses, food manufacturers, confectioneries, and corporates trenbolone dosing with a broad range of foodstuffs. Additionally, our farming and manufacturing collaborators are certified and uphold the highest standards marking us as the best food supply agency in Pakistan.

Products We Offer


Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)

We are an accredited milk powder supplier for protein, and carbohydrate-rich top-grade Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP). Also, milk powder products at Innate Foods are formulated from 100% dairy cow’s milk read more


Whey Powder

Our milk powder supplier services also extend to protein powder trading, namely ‘Whey Powder.’ Get premium ingredients tested whey protein powder from us for your healthy diet plans, enhancing protein content read more


Dry Fruits

We are by far also known as a fresh and organic dry fruit supplier in Pakistan. Specifically, our company deals with a broad dried fruits products range, including Raisins, Walnuts, Peanuts, Figs read more



Being the leading peanuts supplier, we provide all Raw, Fried & Flavored peanuts at factory prices. So, bank on us for the best-tasting peanuts ever you need, from cooking to baking read more



With our affordable pricing, we take the lead on the food suppliers for small businesses and retail food outlets. Being pulses and beans suppliers, we deal with a wide range of pulses, including beans or lentils. read more


Our beans inventory is one of its kind. You can order your desired beans at wholesale (in desi type as well). We deal with all Fava Beans, Bambara beans, Lupin Beans, Mung Beans read more

Organic Integrity from
Manufacturing to Packaging

We are the credible industrial Food Supplier Company in Pakistan, delivering safe,
healthy foods to a wide clientele base. Markedly, we have established our reputation as
the best commercial food supplier and reliable local food supplier in Pakistan.

We are one of the largest food suppliers for businesses and a sound food supply
company in Pakistan. Therefore, we have the resources and expertise to cope with any
volume order without wilting the quality competently. Additionally, we emplace the best
market price from dry fruits, including peanuts and pulses, to beans.

Accordingly, we are a trusted partner wholesale food supplier in Pakistan to our small
business prospects to large food manufacturers.

What makes Innate the Best
Food Supply Agency in Pakistan


Our expert food approach makes us different from the rest food suppliers for businesses.

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • GMP Practices


Wholesale food supplier in Pakistan fulfilling all regulatory frameworks for safety management!

  • No Contamination
  • Moisture-Free Area

Clientele Base

We cater to B2B and B2C small businesses and corporations, bakeries, and confectioneries.

  • 100% transparency
  • Best ratings in trade market


Your commercial and local food supplier with reliability anywhere in Pakistan!

  • Wholesale food Supply
  • Factory Prices

Capacitate, your Fresh
Milk Needs, the Right Way

Milk powder is the best fresh milk alternative. We are a prominent milk powder supplier in Pakistan,
emphasizing skimmed milk powder and whey powder. Moreover, we import premium dairy powders from
internationally-leading manufacturers. Therefore, we are pleased to provide the food outlets, including bakeries
and confectioneries, with quality-approved to safety-managed SMP powder and whey powder.

Also, our high-grade milk powder products are fueled with nutritional benefits like proteins and calcium to
vitamin D. Be it the dairy applications or baking to snacking and milk cookies to pastries. You can count on
Innate Foods for the finest milk powders.