Who We Are?

Innate Foods is in a parent-subsidiary relationship with the Innate Enterprises
(SMC-PVT) LTD deals with organic-ingredient food products in Pakistan since the 1990s. Coinciding with the increasing demands of the Pakistani food supply chain, we, as a reliable
local food supplier, trade a broad range of food products in bulk throughout Pakistan.

We are a seasoned-experience industrial and commercial food supplier in Pakistan in collaboration with international
food manufacturers to impart exquisite quality experience. We serve our valued customers, including all-scale food
manufacturers, brands, retailers, and food corporations, to confectioneries and bakeries to food outlets, hotels, and
restaurants at wholesale with utmost transparency and satisfaction.

Highlights of Our
Top-Quality Products

Our Vision & Mission

We believe the goodness of food is the key to a better and healthier life. Therefore, we anticipate being the leading best
food supply agency in Pakistan, reflecting its commitment to food products' high quality and safety standards.

We aim to be the most trusted Wholesale Food Supply Company for dry fruits, peanuts, pulses, and beans in Pakistan,
meeting our customers' expectations, unique demands, and satisfaction.

To realize our concerted efforts, Innate Foods directly imports skim milk powder and whey protein
powder from Turkey, Iran, and the USA, ensuring compliance with Halal products policies.

In addition, we actively participate in making the food quality better in Pakistan by supplying the top-grade tested food
supplies, including dry fruits, pulses, beans, and peanuts, from safety-managed farms to food packaging.

Food Supplier

We are an ISO-certified industrial food supplier company in Pakistan, from skim milk powder, whey protein powder, extensive-range dry fruits, pulses, lentils, and beans to a variety of peanuts. Furthermore, we are a Wholesale Food Supply Company complying with the ICV guidelines for food suppliers and the trading market.

Additionally, Innate Foods strictly adheres to all food supply chain logistics in all aspects, from pricing to product delivery. So, as a wholesale food supplier, we are committed to quality standards for custom wholesale orders to sacks and dry milk powder bags and cartons in bulk.