Quality Standards
for Food & Trading –
Cohered in Our Bones!

Innate Foods is a wholesale food supplier dealing
Pakistan-wide for small to large scale food corporations and

We are fully cognizant of the need for adapting to the protocol
required to impart an exquisite food quality experience throughout
the supply chain. Therefore, we incorporate all essential food safety
& quality standards for Skim milk powder, whey protein powder, dry
fruits, raw, fried & flavored peanuts, beans, and pulses.

We strive to fulfill the dream of having nutritional value and health
benefits intact within the food supplies, from small to bulk orders.
To realize so, we extend our endeavors both domestically and by
relying on our connections with reliable international food


Food Safety

We cultivate our operating and trading standards following the guidelines of the Food Safety Policy and ISO standards, from sanitary conditions and food hygiene to food safety risks management.

Halal Product

Innate Foods duly assures that we import and trade only 100% Halal products suitable for consumption. Above all, we are committed to staying compliant with Islamic Law furnished Halal guidelines for all we trade.

HACCP Food Safety
Management System

We are proactively active toward the organic integrity, taste, and nutritional value of the products we deal with. Therefore, we work with the certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant farmers to food manufacturers.

Packaging & Storage for
Dry Milk Powders

Being an ISO-certified food supplier in Pakistan, we store our Skim milk powder and whey protein
powder products in specified parameter-controlled storage to keep the quality standards and flavor
freshness undamaged. In addition, we heed the approved packaging for dry powders; a multi-wall
Kraft paper bag with an inner low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bag liner.

Packaging & Storage
of Local Foods Supplies

Like processed products, our natural food products are also premium quality from farms to packaging. Furthermore, we feel obliged to adhere to Pakistan Pure Food Laws (PFL), The Pure Food Ordinance (PFO), and other ministries and laboratories dealing the food testing and quality assurance.

Also, we implement the Best Management Practices for the storage of all types of peanuts, dry fruits, pulses, and beans. We have special units; cool, dark, dry places, ready to house the beans and pulses, saving from moisture and weevils breeding.

Product Delivery

Our modus operandi follows similar necessary protocols during the delivery and shipping of our offered food products. Be it the Skim milk powder, whey protein powder, dry fruits, raw, fried & flavored peanuts, beans, and pulses.

Food Safety Practices at our Warehousing

We are precisely focused on adding value to our customers’ businesses by employing stringent quality assurance practices from food
products to a safe working environment for our laborers.

So, we make sure our storage and warehouses are maintained according to the highest quality standards at all times. In addition, we
periodically pitch into the mandatory inspections and internal audits.

Furthermore, we always strive to improve our food safety standards to meet the expectations of our customers and the food market.

In short, working with Innate Foods, you can be certain you will get top-grade quality. Whether you run a confectionery
or bakery, restaurant or food outlet, own a small retailing business, or a giant corporation.